Oven Mitts

Compared with the almost price oven mitts, Homever oven mitts are more resistant to high temperatures.Whether taking a pan from your oven, picking up a steaming pot from your stove, Homever oven mitts is introduced to keep your hand safe

Homever 10.5 Inches long oven mitts offers more coverage of the wrist and forearm than any other mitt we tested, Protecting from far-reaching grease spatter, low oven racks and painful steam burns. giving you extra protection when reaching into an oven

Homever chooses the 100% quilted cotton as the primary material. Also, the oven mitts also feature the silicone striping on the gloves’ surface. This striping provides the non-slip grip that ensures that you handle all type of valuable kitchenware safely

Homeve oven mitts with the conventional design that does not separate your finger. This design helps you to enhance the handling capacity. Also, the oven mitt comes with the hanging string to attach it to your kitchen when not in use.

We believe in our cotton oven mitts with silicone. We value our reputation as an expert on oven mitts. That’s why we back all our oven mitts with 1 year warranty and provide our oven gloves with friendly, easy-to-reach support